Will Perry | CEO + CMO

Who Really Cares?

Those of us who invest deeply into our products and services can feel at a loss sometimes when the people we’re trying to reach don’t seem to care like we do. I mean, doesn’t every person on the planet wake up in the morning thinking about face cream [aka insert your product or service here], too? Doesn’t everyone burn the candle at both ends drumming up new product ideas on how to solve the root issue of those pesky blackheads?

Unfortunately, people don’t care as much as you do about your company, product or service. Truth is, they never will. I know this is harsh, but let’s get excessively honest for a second. Those blackheads? They’re likely a blip on the radar for most people who are processing through the stressors, joys and successes of their daily lives. It’s not that having clear skin is unimportant, it’s likely just not as nike air jordan mid nike air max plus nfl shop com custom jerseys football china lesbian sex toys nike air max 270 mens sale cheap nike air max shoes personalized jerseys adidas outlet best sex toys for women nfl shop coupon code custom jersey best sex toys for couples jordan 4 with nike air best sex toy for men as the ongoing life experiences of your customer.

You’re personal excitement is valuable and important, of course. But, what does it really take to foster enthusiasm on the consumer end? How do we bridge the passion gap? How does a company share the reason their product is worth a slow-clap to the people who aren’t that interested (yet)?


If I take time to discover that my target demographic is spending quality time researching methods to cover up blackheads, I’m likely going to write a blog post about why covering those blackheads up is a bad idea—because it makes their situation worse. Since my objective is to help them have clear skin to start with, I put myself in their shoes and provide education to communicate how I really understand their situation. I can share the research I’ve done to develop a product that will resolve their issue and then employ testimonials to better show them how they’re not alone. Story is a powerful way to share how other people have the same experience and create a strong bridge to the solution—the very solution I’m thinking about day in and out. I can go further and offer a deep discount to first-time buyers of my product in order to show my care and get my product into the hands of the very people I’m hoping to help. 

But it starts with empathy. 

What are they experiencing? Why? 

How does my product help them?

What is the most meaningful way to communicate this to them? 

Making a commitment to care deeply about the experience of our customer builds a bridge. It can also be a catalyst for innovation. We grow as we engage our curiosity and ultimately, we become better partners in our own business. By staying connected to our customer and their real needs, we open ourselves to uncovering better products and services to meet those needs. We don’t settle into mediocrity or complacency because we’re constantly asking questions to better our approach and connection. 

At Reason, we’re finding how curiosity must drive us. Without curiosity, we’ll never truly empathize with our customer. If we think we know the answers without taking time to engage them and ask questions about their experience, we’ll miss out on critical insights that impact all of us. Our ability to see is directly correlated to our willingness to understand. And, more than ever before, we want to understand. 



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