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Masterline USA

Industry: Waterskiing
Business Type: E-commerce

Grow and Leverage Your Social Following

For more than 10 months, we’ve been at it. Posting consistently and promoting the Masterline brand and developing their community, which first started with 800 followers and is now beyond 11,000. Doing so significantly increased web traffic for Masterline. Not only did this bring new visitors to the website, it gave us the ability to REMARKET, or strategically target these now familiar prospects with dynamic ads to previous website visitors using Facebook’s customized conversion pixel tracking.

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Upselling With Offers That Incentivise multi-product orders

With customer trust already in the fold, we knew we could get a little risky by getting customers to spend more. We tapped into sales strategy 101 in particular on Black Friday. We increased the average order sale by giving added value to customers by giving them discounts for bundling items.

Through November, this increased the average order by about $40 per online order. We also featured limited run bundles with added value to increase purchase intent and order values again. All in all, Masterline sold 82 bundles in November 2017 and totaled sales at more than $75,000, more than $40,000 more than in 2016.

Email is absolutely not dead!

So many brands focus 80% of their effort on customer acquisition. The best customer is the customer you already have. They are familiar with your brand, your products and process. They trust you. This is why keeping an email list is so important.

We incorporated strategic campaigns monthly around offers, promotions and adding automated multi-email email sequences to significantly increase revenue. From abandoned cart automations to winback series, there is huge revenue opportunity on the table in email.