✉️ Winning Black Friday Email Tweaks

✉️ Winning Black Friday Email Tweaks

Will Perry, CEO + CMO | REASON

September 30, 2021

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.

The entire advertising market has changed in the past year.

😱 Facebook is still freaking out over iOS14, with its tracking nnfl apparel wig outlet custom football jersey adidas outlet online ass sex toy cheap wig nfl jerseys top couples sex toys nfl jerseys cheap wig store best jordan 1 official nfl shop nike air max sale cheap adidas shoes nfl jersey sales ot only off, but practically non-existent.

🔪 And iOS15 seems to threaten a lot of eCom stores as well (or not?)

These are far from easy times.

So many eCommerce stores simply cannot find a way to make a profit right now and are closing down.

Meaning there would be a LOT more fierce competition during this Black Friday — since everyone would be going all-in.

Which is why you’re here in the first place: to CRUSH IT with proven strategies this BFCM (Black Friday Cyber Monday).

In the last issue of the BFCM special, we talked about creating your offer. Hopefully, by now, y’all have at least some kind of offer in your mind. If you haven’t read the first part yet, search your inbox for “🤑 Winning Black Friday Offer(s)”.

Next week, we’ll be talkin’ about building your Winning Ads and what to do AFTER Black Friday ends so you will maximize your efforts and swoosh past your competition.

In this issue though, you’ll discover ALL you need about email marketing for BFCM.

First, let’s address the elephant in the room…

🦍 The 800-Pound Gorilla – iOS15

🤔 How many of your subscribers open your emails?

🤔 How can you keep my open rates steady now?

🤔 Is email marketing dying??

Here’s something to know about how open rates are tracked:

Any email has to have a small pixel (an image_ embedded in it. You can’t see it in the email (it’s in this one as well!), but it’s there — “tracking” what’s going on with the email.

So what’s the catch? Glad you asked…

If a subscriber’s inbox doesn’t have Always Display Images clicked in their email settings, that pixel might never be ‘activated’ and the email is never reported as delivered and opened.

😭 Which means your open rates are low.

That’s a small number though… BUT in recent times, more and more subscribers are using services like Unroll.me which actually mark ALL emails as read — even though they were never actually sent to your subscriber!

😎 Which means your open rates are high.

Confused? Relieved? Both?

Not many peeps talk about this, but open rates are not the metric to put your life on, my friend.

So what to track so you know your email strategy is working?

Click rates, for one — and here’s how to boost your click rates because this creates MORE sales opportunities, which is why it’s important silly.

🚂 Start The Engine Early

🤠 “Keep your saddle oiled and your gun greased” as they say in the South.

Or, translated: always be ready for whatever might happen. And the best and most efficient way to get maximum performance is by warming and teasing your list a few weeks before BFCM.

Start increasing your email frequency. If you’re only emailing once a week, or… err… once a month… bump it up a bit.

Frequency is your friend, especially during these days. In fact, the more you bond and connect with your subscribers through email, the more they fall in love with your brand and your products.

As you’re increasing your frequency though, keep what you’re sending mindful — and don’t be scared to have a purchase link and sell in every email… just do it in a mindful way.

🕵 Run an Insider Sale

Build up anticipation and excitement for your holiday promos with an Insider Sale and a Prelaunch Email Sequence.

Good prelaunch emails not only get people ready for an upcoming promotion, but they also generate revenue from OTHER products in your store.

For clients, we usually do two campaigns before the holidays to prompt subscribers to get on their VIP List.

One goes on the 10th of November and one on the 18th.

To the ones that buy and get on the VIP List, I suggest running a VIP List Exclusive Offer during or before Black Friday (suggestion: 35% or 40% Off for 6 hours only — will stay live for 12 hours).

I talked about what offers to run in the past issue of The Winning Ad Formula — search it in your inbox (“🤑 Winning Black Friday Offer(s)”).

💦 Check Your Flows

If you don’t have proper cart abandonment and browse abandonment recovery flows set up, now’s the time to do it!

These can scoop up tens of thousands of dollars in revenue (maybe more) just over BFCM, and even in the months afterward – of course, depending on the size of your brand.

On a related note… we’ve used Klaviyo to set up and run all the email marketing for our clients. It’s by far my favorite and preferred email software.

It not only offers a specialized experience for eCom stores but also has a very intuitive email builder and a great Academy to improve your email skills.

We partnered with Klaviyo to get you a special offer. Claim your offer here >>

As you have the flows set up, make sure you…

😅 Map Out Your Promo Calendar… And Get Emotional

You wanna be able to know what emails you’re sending with which stories and CTAs, to which segments of your list.

And don’t be afraid to get a bit emotional with your subscribers. Start sharing more stories from your life. Share more about what you stand for and why you stand for that. Encourage them to respond to your stuff.

The holidays are an emotional time, in many good ways. Stories often form stronger emotional bonds with your subscribers. Use this little bit of psychology to your advantage.

🗓️ Here’s a sample promo calendar you can tweak for your use:

  • Wednesday, Nov. 3 – BF Preview or Pre-Order
  • Wednesday, Nov. 10 – Get on VIP List (Insider Sale)
  • Tuesday, Nov. 16 – Gift Guide (Top 10 Gifts For Him, Her, Kids)
  • Wednesday, Nov. 18 – Get on VIP List (Insider Sale)
  • Monday, Nov. 22 – Sneak Peak
  • Wednesday, Nov. 24
    • Offer
    • Send Time Email #1:
    • Send Time Email #2
    • Send Time SMS #1
  •  Thursday
    • Offer
    • Send Time Email #1
    • Send Time Email #2 (Resend)
    • Send Time SMS #1 (Announce Sale)
    • Send Time SMS #2
  • Friday
    • Offer
    • Send Time Email #1
    • Send Time Email #2 (Resend)
    • Send Time Email #3 (Exclusive Email)
    • Send Time SMS #1
  • Saturday
    • Offer
    • Send Time Email #1
    • Send Time Email #2 (Resend)
    • Send Time SMS #1
  • Sunday
    • Offer
    • Send Time Email #1
    • Send Time Email #2 (Resend)
    • Send Time SMS #1
  • Monday
    • Offer
    • Send Time Email #1
    • Send Time Email #2 (Exclusive Email)
    • Send Time Email #3 (Resend)
    • Send Time SMS #1
    • Send Time SMS #2 (6 hours left)
  • Tuesday
    • Oh-Shit Offer (Worst Case Scenario)
    • Send Time Email #1
    • Send Time Email #3 (Resend)

👊 D-Day Is Here… Now What?!

Drenched in cold sweat… and stressed to the point where if someone touches you in the wrong way, you’re ready to KILL!

That ain’t happening with the plan you have now. So here’s what to do during D-Day.

I suggest sending a minimum of 2 emails per day (3 or 4 is even better). Sending in the morning and afternoon will help you maximize revenue during this time.

Then, on Friday and Monday, crank up your frequency by 1 or 2 emails more.

Each day, have exclusive 24h offers, bundles, and products to further maximize your earning potential.

Don’t get scared though, you needn’t create a bazillion emails.

I suggest you create a dozen emails and offers and resend them with different subject lines. The inbox is a red ocean during these days so you wanna make sure your stuff is actually seen by those who should see it. And if they don’t, send it again with a different hook.

👁️ Watch Your Inbox 👁️

Watch out for the two issues of The Winning Ad Formula next week…

You won’t only discover the best performing ads during BFCM that helped generate over $50 million in revenue for our clients, but you’ll also find out what to do AFTER the whole shopping craze is over.

Keep crushing it,
Will “Early Prepper” Perry

P.S. Want help from REASON Media to scale exponentially in the next few months, but still, remain profitable? (we generated over $50 mil so far for our clients…)

Sorry to tell ya though, but we ain’t takin’ any new clients at the moment. Although, you can click here and we’ll message you when a new place opens up.



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