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What a recent web presence audit revealed about a 50+ year old law firm

When doing it for cheap just keeps you from winning in the long run.

Imagine trying to climb a mountain but for every 4–5 steps you take, you get pushed back 2.

You’re putting in the work, but it’s just not workingadidas yeezy foam wig sale best nfl jerseys cheap wigs online sex toy shops youth baseball jerseys Custom Football Jerseys adidas on sale cheap lace front wigs nfl jerseys custom volleyball jerseys custom basketball jersey custom nfl jersey nbashop womens real hair wigs  their websites ranking in the top of Google. Me too! Who doesn’t?

Here’s the but…

But they don’t realize how years of bad practices, skipping steps and working with companies who offer services for “really cheap” are actually hurting them more than those actions are helping them.

The recent example came about just yesterday when our team finished an audit for a long-established law firm in Orlando.

The firm goes back more than 50 years and has been around since the dawn of the internet. However, more than 20+ years of bad practices has them at a significant disadvantage to their competition ONLINE.

The audit revealed:

  • 2,200+ indexed pagination pages within Google from blog posts that run on and on
  • 119 broken links (dead ends)
  • 37,000+ backlinks from a website that no longer exists with a trust score of 23 (out of 100) that is killing their domain authority
  • Duplicate title tags, missing img alt tags + meta descriptions

For a law firm that has been around for more than 20+ years online, to have a domain authority of 24 is pretty weak sauce.

What you can learn from this is simple:

Do it right the first time or don’t do it at all.

We see it time and time again and would encourage you to do your homework and educate yourself on any process you engage with in business, even when hiring someone to help!

Feel free to comment with questions and share your thoughts. Would love feedback on how you’re handling your marketing efforts and what you’re learning!


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