Will Perry | CEO + CMO

Social Media Frequency: Quality Or Quantity?

So which is it? Quality or quantity?

Well, actually, it’s b24bottlesclima benettonoutlet ovyescarpe fracominasaldi 24h-bottle guardianialberto loevenichmutze andcamicienegozi fracominaoutlet mandarinaducksaldi gabssaldi ynotoutlet tatascarpe blundstoneprezzi geoxoutlet oth.

The digital space is saturated with content. From mens nike air max 97 custom jerseys nfl jerseys best sex toy adidas yeezy shoes sex toys vibrators cheap adult sex toys custom team uniforms adidas yeezy boost 350 short human hair wigs custom jerseys jordan 4s cheap custom basketball nike air jordan retro 4 custom nfl jersey to Facebook to LinkedIn to SnapChat to Medium and hundreds if not thousands of others. Creating GREAT content, doing it really well, and doing it often, is what cuts through the junk. Think of any brand, mentor, idol, TV show, sports team, athlete, or celebrity you follow. Are there any you just can’t get enough from? You’re a loyal fan and your loyalty has you wanting more.

We often see brands scrambling to build a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram presence in an effort to catch up with competitors. Sometimes, this can lead to getting a little overzealous about posting, sacrificing quality and even social media overkill that results in “unlikes,” or “unfollows.”

It’s easy to fall into the trap of “I’ll post over and over until I make myself show up in your feed.”

  1. That’s really annoying.
  2. Are you even really focusing on what your users want to know or see?

Coupling quality and quantity together engages an audience….BUT if you do need to pick and have limited resources, quality wins over quantity — especially on social media.

A well-crafted Facebook post with a link, captivating copy and eye-catching art will cause more users to engage than several posts that are so-so. Same goes for Twitter and Instagram. A poor quality photo on an image-driven medium like Instagram isn’t going to make people “like” it — or want to continue following you.

Here are a few social media tricks you can use:

Take your time to not waste your time.

If you put forth the extra effort up front to create posts that you would want to click on yourself, you won’t be reposting the same item as you wonder why no one is engaging. If your goal is drive traffic to your site, post a link to content on your site that is well-written and all-inclusive so people want to keep coming back. If your goal is to get people’s input on products, post an awesome picture that will make them want to stop and comment when scrolling through the depths of the internet.

Be a planner.

You can create a calendar and decide what you’ll post on each day. Sure some things will come up and trump your scheduled posts, but it’s better to be prepared with a backlog of good social media content than scrounging to fill a quota. And it’s made easy for you, as you can schedule posts on most social mediums now — or use a service like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to control multiple accounts.

Trial and error: Learning when — and what — to post.

You can prepare your posts way ahead of time, but hold off on publishing them until you know your intended audience is on social media. Learn when your posts seem to do the best. Does one Facebook post at lunchtime get you the most feedback? Does Instagramming a cool product photo get the most likes? Do you see an increase in your web traffic after one specific post compared to another? By monitoring your social media audience trend, you can devote more time to posting things to social media that is what your audience wants, when they want it!

Best practices will empower you to evolve your strategy over time. The “quality over quantity” mentality in social media can save (and make) you time and money!



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