How to Make Friends in a New City

After endless chats, years of liking each other’s Facebook posts, and hours of commiserating over everything from micromanaging bosses to the single life, we weren’t just colleagues. This has taken a toll on workers, whose profound loneliness is evident not only in the data but the numerous self-reports emerging from media sources of all kinds. The remote work world seems to have taken not only our ability to communicate with colleagues but also our potential for fostering friendships. Have fun exploring your new city and yourself.

They ended up starting what’s now a Meetup group called New2Lou. On the second Wednesday of every month, New2Lou attracts about 150 to 200 people to a different bar or restaurant. If you hit it off with someone, exchange contact info and actually follow up. If you’re with a group of people you mostly know, spend some time talking to the ones you know least.

One of the hardest parts of moving is finding a community. Here’s how to do it.

Take a walk in the park, see a free concert, take a pottery class…the world is your oyster. But I can’t think of another time when the workplace has changed fundamentally overnight. We woke up one morning and suddenly had to work an entirely different way, in a different place, just remake our routines.

How to make friends if I work from home in a new city

He’ll make friends with retirees, people who have kids, or drive his Uber—that’s how he ended up hanging out with a bus driver who spent their time together picking up women. Although the bus driver date didn’t work out (he eventually had to ask him to stop hitting on everybody), being in a new city is still a good time to soften your disregard criteria and look out for all different types of friends. There’s a very slim chance that prior to moving to your new city, you never had a friend. But it’s easy to forget that when your whole life just did a 180.

Chat to people wherever you tend to spend time

Our Life, Health and Shopping desks provide you with well-researched, expert-vetted information you need to live your best life, while HuffPost Personal, Voices and Opinion center real stories from real people. Hey, very few people have gotten through life knowing the exact same folks throughout. Nearly everyone has been an how to make friends when you work from home outsider at some point, while walking into a party alone or scanning the cafeteria for a familiar face. So there’s no reason not to walk into a room with your head held high. If these people knew you, they would love you. If you’ve landed yourself in a brand new city without a single friend to accompany you, never fear.



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