How to Choose a Sober Living Home 6 Tips to Choose a Sober House

Other amenities might include a fitness center, pool, laundry services, computers, outdoor recreational spaces, and more. If the outpatient facility is off-site, is transportation provided to and from your counseling or group therapy sessions? You should be fully aware of everything a sober living community has to offer so you can make an informed decision. Many people struggling with substance use disorder have acted on their own free will in the past. Living in a community with other sober individuals holds you accountable for your actions and behaviors.

How to Choose a Sober House

If you learn to develop stability, maintain self-independence, and surround yourself with support, sober living homes can accommodate your needed length of stay. Furthermore, sober living homes will teach you how to reemerge in society by teaching you tools to become and remain responsible. Many sober living homes will require attendance for meetings, and some will offer transportation services to get to work or go to school.

Who Lives in Sober Living Homes?

The houses prepare individuals for re-entrance into the real world. They prepare them to face their triggers and know how to cope with them. It allows for a slower introduction into their old spaces so they don’t have to feel pressure to return to normal while navigating sobriety.

How to Choose a Sober House

While there are thousands of sober living homes across the nation, you’ll want to make sure the home you choose offers qualities and features that ultimately support your recovery success. If you want to be close to friends and family that have supported your recovery, you need to choose a sober house that Dedicated to life-long Recovery is close to home. If you need to stay away from people that might get you back into drugs or alcohol, you need to find a facility further away. You can often find sober living through whatever treatment facility you are involved in. Otherwise, you can find sober living houses in more untraditional ways.

Beyond Treatment: Choosing Your Path – Sober Living, Rehab, or Halfway House?

Since sober houses are not rental facilities, there is no contract in place. This means that if a resident breaks the rules, they can be evicted that very day with no recourse. Additionally, check out the kitchen and common areas and picture yourself using those spaces.



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