♟️ Brutal Black Friday Ad Strategies

♟️ Brutal Black Friday Ad Strategies

Will Perry, CEO + CMO | REASON

October 5, 2021

If finding and scaling good ads has been a never-ending struggle for your brand…

Your store isn’t producing the income you desire…

🤔 And you aren’t 100% certain you’re going to crush your BFCM (Black Friday/Cyber Monday) goals…

Here’s a solution for all that.nike air max 90 mens on sale adult sex toys make a custom jersey nfl com shop cheap adult sex toys best jordan nike air max 90 sale cheap wig outlet adidas nfl jerseys for sale custom basketball jersey custom jersey sex toy store nike air max 270 wigs for women

The best solution.

The fastest solution.

The most pragmatic, “no B.S.” solution.

🧩 Because what you’re about to discover is the third piece of the puzzle you’ve been missing (the final piece coming on Thursday).

I consider this…

The stunningly vicious ad strategies the elite use to gain explosive power during BFCM.

When you have a steady flow of new customers… and a way to put a dollar and get back 3, or 5… you’re left shocked and amused! Your brand is no more a wounded duck. And your employees and contractors feel more passionate.

Plus, you no longer have that always-present weight on your shoulders. The weight you feel from worrying about the health of your brand…

And the ever-present fear you feel… deep in your solar plexus.

From being stuck doing the same pain-in-the-butt strategies that don’t produce the best results for your brand over and over again… always yanking your chain and making you feel humiliated…

M’kay, so what are these insider strategies I’m talking about?

Test (At Least) 4 Powerful BFCM Offers

No workaround on this. No saving time. No shortcuts.

I know it sounds nightmarish to split your budget, but it’s your best bet to get surreal results.

The minimum you should have is 4 ingenious offers… all launched at the same time!

You see, where most brands fail is the put all of their eggs in one basket when they only have one product to offer year round, including BFCM.

I mean, let’s be honest, there are actually scenarios where people don’t want what you have and think it’s not as great as you might think it is.

But you see, experienced marketers know to have back up offers up their sleeve. Because some hit and some don’t.

So while you now have 4 offers you’re going to the BFCM party with…

The goal is to kill the underperformers and scale the winners ASAP. We never rely on luck, rely on REASON (pun intended).

Here are some offers you could test:

  • 🐦 Early-bird / VIP list exclusive offer (Suggestion: 35% or 40% Off 6 hours only – will stay live for 12 hours)
  • 🥳 Weeklong site-wide offer (suggestion 30%)
  • 🎖️ Thursday Exclusive Offer: (Suggestion: Bundle or XX% on Specific Product – One-Day Only) — rinse and repeat for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday
  • 💸 Buyer Offer (Suggestion: $15 OFF On $50 or more – 24 hours only)

We covered the deep end of the pool of winning offer creation in the first part of this series. If you haven’t read that already, I suggest you do it before continuing.

Search your inbox for “🤑 Winning Black Friday Offer(s).”

🔪🩸 Create A Bunch Of Deadly Creatives

What do I suggest you do when it comes to creatives?

Glad you asked…

I suggest you have at least 4 creatives per offer. Meaning, at the bare minimum, you should have 16 creatives. Then have 3-4 copy variations at the ready for a total of 48-64 different ads.

Now, that’s true mastery with split-testing.

This way, we are playing on the safe side. So, in case your campaigns need any tweaking or a creative isn’t performing, you can adapt… FAST.

I’m gonna dive into how to create secret weapon creatives in an upcoming issue.

For now, all you need to know is: creatives can severely impact overall CPM (what Facebook is charging you for impressions).

Let that sink in for a moment…

👹 You see, brutal competition DOES have an enormous impact on the overall CPM.


Creatives might have an even greater impact.

When your creative is super engaging – AKA stops the scroll – Facebook rewards advertisers with lower CPMs. When your ad creative sucks – Facebook charges more.

Plus, you have control over your creatives, unlike over your competition (unless you do some insider *ahem* stuff… but then you have to deal with karma later on, so…).

🔮 There Are Hidden Fortunes In Your Word Choice

We’re going back to the olden days… back to Breakthrough Advertising.

You see, with the newest ad platform tech developments and legal updates, you need to start paying more attention than ever to your word choice.

Lucky you though, as the olden Direct-Response rules work much better when implemented correctly than anything the gooroos are preaching nowadays.

You say you want to see a killer ad?

This one single variation of this ad here was responsible for more than $350,000 in sales last Q4.

It was so successful that it sold the brand out of product 4x.

This ad is the epitome of The Winning Ad Formula we talk about so regularly.

We’ll break that down further in some future issues.

Getting back on track again…

🤓 Be Savvy With Your Ad Spend

“Will, I got all of this stuff ready, but how much should I spend?”

Long story short: it depends.

Long story medium: think of the results you want to achieve in the long run. In the next (and final) issue we’ll talk about how to maximize the LTV after Black Friday.

But for the time being: at REASON we work with REASON (sorry… pun intended… again).

We recommend starting with a sales target first and using your muscle memory a.k.a. MER (blended ROAS) data to set an estimated budget.

Say you wanna hit $500k in sales during BFCM and your historical ROAS is 3.0. Divide those two and you’ll realize that your ad spend should be around $160k.

🚨 Important Note: Conversion rates and CPMs (advertising rates) tend to be higher during BFCM. The only way to know your true ad spend is while everything is live. You can always scale up or turn things down during the campaign.

Don’t Be A One-Night Stand Brand

Look, you could have the best performing ads in the world. Thing is, all will be in vain if you don’t work on the next steps in your funnel… especially including the long-term nurture of your new customers.

And long-term relationship building is more than email. In the next issue, I’ll reveal what EXACTLY you should do to maximize your customer LTV.

But for the time being, see if you have this in place after they click your ad:

  • CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) & driving traffic to presell pages rather than product pages
  • Having a banner on your website stating the offer
  • Having a timer (especially if you’re running different offers for each day)
  • 3-step checkout
  • Having the right upsells in place

Brace Yourself

Using the strategies you just discovered, we’re going to make multiple millions for our clients at REASON.

Now, you might be wondering whether you could work with us and have all this implemented for you.

Long story short: We’re currently on a waitlist for 2022.

Long story medium: You might be able to work with us starting from Q1 next year. To see if you qualify, send us an email and I’ll have my team give you a heads up when a spot opens up.


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