Will Perry | CEO + CMO

🤑 Winning Black Friday Offer(s)


Can you believe September is over already?

Some of my friends are already telling me they’ve planned what they’re gonna get their loved ones as Christmas gifts and during the Black Friday spoiling season. 

I laughed initially because the holidays seem so far away.

But when I look at the calendar, I realized…nike air max for sale wigs for women nfl jerseys jersey store female sex toys wig store nfl football best sex toy for men nfl super bowl online adult sex toy store nike air jordan 1 womens custom soccerjerseys best jordan 1 custom jerseys custom soccer jerseys

This actually isn’t crazy at all!

May the odds be ever in your favor… 

🎮 Let The Games Begin!

Okay, ‘nuf with these movie references. BFCM (Black Friday/Cyber Monday) is the cornerstone for both sales and stress for most eCom stores.

I feel it, you feel it, your inbox feels it.

And this year, just as any other year, the stress and expectations are higher than Snoop Dogg.

Black Friday has to make up for lost sales.

Black Friday has to help get the budgets for scalin’ next year.

Black Friday has to clear up all the *ahem* unwanted products in your warehouse before ya launch something new.

That’s a lot of pressure in a few days.

Few days that unless you start plannin’ early (a.k.a. RIGHT NOW) are totally out of your control (sorry, not sorry).

So, how do ya make more sales this Black Friday than all your past… combined?

Sometimes it would be nice to just be handed a step-by-step playbook to crushing Black Friday.

So guess what… Want mine?

I’m gonna do just that.

In this and the next 3 issues of The Winning Ad Formula, y’all get everything you need to crush it during Black Friday.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Part 1: Winning Black Friday Offer(s)
  • Part 2: Winning Black Friday Email Tweaks
  • Part 3: Try These Ads On Black Friday
  • Part 4: How To Keep The Sales Rollin’ After Black Friday Ends

M’kay, let’s get started:

🏠 Layin’ The Cornerstone

Can you pull it off?

It’s a good question to ask yourself.

If you really want to set up a successful… err… Success Plan for Black Friday is to get to know your strengths and weaknesses.

How are you plannin’ to advertise for Black Friday — will you start from the beginning of November and then extend your campaigns well into December? Can you afford that?

Or will you just run a few promos before the big day?

How much ad spend are you targeting/allocating for your BF Campaign? (you’d discover our process for setting the perfect ad budgets in the Part 3 of these series)

Are you planning to create/launch any new products during the campaign? 

Get these questions answered since any promos you run before, during, or after WILL impact your sales and reputation (in a positive or negative way).

🔪 What About Execution?

Nah… not that kind of execution. 😂

(although, when I think about it, if some businesses fail to make big profits during BFCM, they are headed for that kind of execution)

Anyhoo…I was thinking of whether you have the team to get all the things in place for ya?

Here’s a checklist of set-ups you’ll prolly need to make:

  • Website
  • Landing pages
  • Advertorials
  • New bundles
  • Email cadence
  • SMS VIP list
  • Sticky banners on top of the page
  • Hero images
  • Pop-ups 
  • Logistics 

And don’t skip on the obvious check-ups: whether your checkout cart is workin’ properly, and whether your ads contain the right links.

Also, make sure to have everything ready ~ 3 weeks before BFCM — so if anything comes up, you have plenty of time to adapt your strategy.

In the meantime, do you have… 

🎯 Proper Tracking Set Up?

By now, it seems that most advertisers would have expected Facebook to be somewhat back to normal.

Except it’s not.

Most of us are starting to realize that this IS the new normal.

Tracking remains all thrown off.

Advertisers all across the internet are reporting only 60-70% or less of their conversions are being tracked by FB Ad Manager.

And this is ruining A LOT of eCom stores and businesses.

All of those smart audiences that advertisers have been relying on like LAAs, pixel-reliant CBO/ABO, and retargeting results are tanking.

But… our clients were ahead of the game when we started implementing new best practices – A YEAR AGO – no lie. So what do they know that you don’t?

We use HYROS for unbiased tracking — It maps the whole customer journey with the channel they converted from — FOR YOU… so you can lean back in your chair and have everything set up for scaling during BFCM.

Yes, it’s THAT good. That’s why we partnered with Alex Becker (the founder of HYROS) to offer you a special deal where you’ll SAVE XX% when you sign up using the link below.

Claim your special offer 👉

Once you have your tracking well oiled up, all you gotta do is get your offer greased!

🔨 Smithing A Unique Offer

Ya don’t wanna be like all the rest, do ya?

Cause if you really want to make the BIG… the SERIOUS money, you really need to do things a bit differently.

Satisfying, isn’t it?

Anyhoo… after generating over $50+ million in sales for our clients, it’s safe to say that we… *ahem* know a thing or two about what offer you should be running for BFCM.

Before I reveal the best performing offers though, remember one thing:

Don’t play Russian roulette with only one bullet.

If you want the gun to shoot and bring sales… load it up!

(err… I’m not quite certain: the gun in Russian roulette should be fully loaded, right? Right?)

M’kay, first things first: You might want to have at least 4 offers ready. And I suggest driving traffic to all of them at once with your ads. That way you’ll find the winner faster and then scale it to the moon since you have about 7 days to sprint as fast as possible!

🤑 $50-Million Offers

At a minimum, I suggest running a Sitewide Promo for your BFCM campaign.

Aside from that, I suggest you consider running an exclusive Pre-order Offer (Nov. 1 -15) to generate pre-sale revenue prior to the BIG day. This is a great way to secure revenue before delivery and generate awareness prior to when the competition heats up!

Finally, I suggest having an early-bird 35%-40% discount to your VIPs and whale customers (let them scoop every product they can!) and have them sign up via email and SMS so they get dibs before anyone else. 

You could also run one-day-only offers on specific products with discounts for each day of the Holiday

And at the end, run a buyer-only offer so peeps can buy again (suggested: $15 savings on $50+ spend) in less than 48-54 hours. Get those repeat sales – quick – friends.

Here’s the full checklist:

  • Free shipping
  • Early-bird / VIP list exclusive offer (Suggestion: 35% or 40% Off 6 hours only – will stay live for 12 hours)
  • Weeklong site-wide offer (suggestion 30%)
  • Thursday Exclusive Offer: (Suggestion: Bundle or XX% on Specific Product – One-Day Only) — rinse and repeat for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday
  • Buyer Offer (Suggestion: $15 OFF On $50 or more – 24 hours only)

🛡️ Choose Wisely 🛡️

Think over what offers best suit your brand — don’t overthink it for though. It should come naturally (and err… based on historical data (duh!)).

After tomorrow, keep an eye out for Part 2 of the BFCM (Black Friday Cyber Monday) Series. 

There, we’ll be talkin’ about the nitty-gritty email tactics you could use right away to SKYROCKET your sales.

Keep crushing it,